Whariti Peak Hillclimb

Sorry No Whariti Hillclimb for 2015.  Will be back for 2016.

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Bringing Whariti back to it roots with a one day format for 2014.  It was a big day. 

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Thanks to all the helpers and entrants that made the day worthwhile. Bit of a shame for the lack of entries, but the day moved through pretty quickly.


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2nd MARCH 2014

Whariti Road is a challenging and rewarding gravel sprint with some of the best attributes that could be wished for by competitors.  This year Dannevirke Car Club are bringing the event back to basics by moving the finish line back near the jump at the top, and fitting all the action into one day.  We will also endeavour to set up a sector timing triggered near the base of the main climb for interests sake.

Please read these regs thoroughly and get your entry form filled out and returned as soon as possible to make life easier on the volunteers making it happen.


This Event is a ClubSport Advanced Rallysprint promoted by the Dannevirke Car Club Inc and will take place on Sunday, 2nd March 2014 in the Woodville area.

The Meeting will be held under the MotorSport NZ National Sporting Code and its Appendices and Schedules particularly the ClubSport Standing Regulations, Appendix Five, Schedule C.

The MotorSport NZ Permit Number is: TBA


Clerk of Course

Graeme Buchanan (19251)


Daniel Feck

MotorSport NZ Steward


Secretary of Event

Liz Feck

Chief Scrutineer


Chief Marshall

Dannevirke Car Club/Manawatu 4wd Club

First Aid



Manawatu & Dannevirke Car Clubs


3.1 Venue -the event will be held on Whariti Road, Woodville with documentation and scrutineering at the venue. Whariti Road is at the end of Woodlands and Bushmill Roads, and is 100% gravel.

3.2 Length -the event has been reduced to 6kms and will finish near the gateway of the road up to the tower.

3.3 A co-driver is required. All vehicles are eligible for all runs; there will be no elimination runs.

3.4 We envisage one observation run and four official runs.  All competitors are eligible for all runs.


4.1 Entries open with the publication of these Regulations and close on Thursday 20th February 2014 at 5.00pm. Entries may be accepted after the normal closing date but must be received before 0800hrs on 2nd March 2014 at documentation and will be subject to a late entry fee.

4.2 Entry Acceptance shall be made on the Official Entry Form attached, and to be deemed valid must be complete in all detail and accompanied by the appropriate entry fees. Acceptance will be at the organising committees’ discretion.

4.3 Entry Fees:

Normal entry fee : $120.00

Late entry fee is : $160.00

If you use direct credit:  Dannevirke Car Club, 03 0614 0580089 00

4.4 Dual entries will not be accepted UNLESS the drivers are prepared to forfeit each alternate run.

4.5 Number of Starters -The maximum number of entries will be 40.

(a) The organisers reserve the right to abandon the event if less than 20 entries are received by the normal closing date.

(b) Should entries be over-subscribed then a reserve list in order of receipt and payment will be made. At close of Normal Entries you will be notified if your entry has been accepted.

4.6 Letter of Acceptance -this will be posted on the Dannevirke Car Club website on 27th February 2014 advising you of your vehicle number, and any other official information that may be necessary. We would like to be able to contact you by text message so please supply a clear cell phone number on your entry form.

4.7 Competitor Requirements

(a) In signing the entry form competitors (Drivers and Entrants) are deemed to fully understand the MotorSport NZ National Sporting Code and its relevant Appendices and Schedules, Appendix Five, Schedule C.

(b) Licence Requirements -The No 1 driver shall hold a MSNZ M Licence or higher. The No 2 driver does not require a MSNZ licence, but must fully understand all safety procedures and sign the passenger indemnity form. If the Entrant is other than a driver, an Entrants licence in the name of the Entrant is required.

(c) Club Membership – a current Motorsport New Zealand affiliated Car Club membership card is required.

(d) A Log Book and Protective Overalls as per Schedule A, current NZ MotorSport NZ Manual is required.


5.1 All vehicles shall comply with Appendix Two, Schedule A including all additional requirements for rally vehicles but do not need to comply with the requirements for Turbocharger and Supercharger restrictor(s).


As per current CRRS.  (For full description see section 3.3 in CRRS article found at: http://www.crrs.org.nz/files/news/2013%20CRRS%20Articles.pdf)

· Class A   2WD 0-1400cc using original engine and transmission available for that model.

· Class B  2WD 0-1850cc

· Class C  2WD 1851cc and over

· Class D  4WD – manufactured after Jan.1st 1996 and all 4WD not eligible for Class E

· Class E  4WD – Pre 1996


LOCATION: at the Whariti Rd venue between 0730 hours and 0830 hours on Saturday, 2nd March 2014.

Competitors must present themselves at documentation for the checking of licences and documents, issuing of competitor numbers and applicable advertising material before presenting the car for audit scrutineering. Cars will not be cleared until numbers and advertising requirements are firmly affixed in the appropriate places on the vehicle.


A written briefing will be given to competitors upon completion of scrutineering and documentation.

A verbal briefing will be given at 0915 hours on Saturday, 2nd March 2014 at the venue (Whariti Road Start Control) preceding the observation run.

All cars are to be ready in numerical order – 1 to 50, at the HQ caravan Start Control prior to the start of Driver Briefing.


The observation run will be available only to competitors who have completed documentation and scrutineering. This will commence at approximately 0930 hours. The

run will be in CONVOY ONLY.


9.1 Rally timing and time cards will be used. Cars will start at One-Minute intervals.  The clocks used will be accurate to 0.1 seconds. (1/10ths) or better.

9.2 Start Order – Please run in numerical order. Car numbers will be provided.  Please return numbers to HQ caravan at the Start Line after your last run. A penalty of $25.00 per set will be charged if the numbers are not returned.

9.3 Order of Runs – The last car of each run will be the first car in the next run, for example:

First run is: Car 1 to Car 40 to the top

Second run is: Car 40 down to Car 1

Third run is: Car 1 to Car 40

(a) We anticipate that you should get 4 official runs.

(b) After completion of each run all cars will be held at the top of the hill and will be convoyed back to the start. Competitors may work on their cars at the top of the hill.

(c) The length of service time available will depend on the cars start order for the next run. ie Car 40 will restart as soon as they arrive back down at the Start Line after the first run. The run orders are designed to give everyone fair service times.  The CoC may allow competitors to run out of order if they require extra time to repair a breakdown.

9.4 Best Run – The best time from any of the runs, from any car, counts for the overall results.


All car competitors -the insurance excess applicable to the event is $3,000.00. If you cause any damage to property during the permitted times of the event you will be liable for the cost of the repairs up to the excess. If damage repair costs are greater than $3,000.00, you will be liable for the full excess of $3,000.00 if a claim is made by organisers and approved. If a claim is made and declined you will be responsible for the full amount of the repair. Failure to report any damage is a breach of these regulations and will result in exclusion from the event.


If you stop during a run you will only be recovered on the “return” run if it is possible to do so within that time frame as decided by the sweep vehicle driver and/or CoC. If you can not be recovered then, recovery will take place at the end of the day. This is to ensure that all competitors will get the maximum number of runs available.


Concern has been expressed by the Residents of this area to the Organisers as to people and or vehicles using or trespassing onto their land, and also Entrants/Competitors using the road before the event.


Residents have been advised to take the plate numbers of all cars that are not known to be residents of this area.



  • There is a variety of camping, hotels and motels in the Dannevirke and Woodville areas.

  • Some members of the Dannevirke Car Club are happy to billet where they can. First in first served.  Just ask.

Food and drinks will be available at the venue.

Prize Giving - This will be held in the pit paddock after the event, approximately 4.00pm. You are invited to enjoy our refreshments, show your appreciation of the sponsors and congratulated  fellow competitors.

Parking You will be advised where you can park. There is parking for Official vehicles only at the top of the Hill. No other vehicles are permitted.


  • DANIEL FECK, ORGANISER  021 374 268, fecksfx@gmail.com

  • LIZ FECK (Entry Secretary) 06 374 7375, rlfx@xtra.co.nz

  • or visit our website: www.dannevirkecarclub.co.nz then click on Whariti for further

    information, map, supplementary regulations, entry forms etc.


If you wish to pay by Direct Credit (03 0614 0580089 00) please ensure that the funds are deposited no later than 27th February and must include the Driver’s Name as the Reference Code.







In Car footage from Geof Argyle - Fastest 4wd Car 2010



The best news coverage can be found on www.motorsportcentral.co.nz .  Below is their article for Whariti's 2010 edition.

Geof Argyle's early season continues on it's winning way

Whariti Road Hillclimb - 27 & 28 February 2010

The Dannevirke Car Club organised the annual Whariti Hillclimb on Saturday and Sunday the 27th and 28th February 2010. The event, also known as the Race to the Windmills, is just over 7 km's of up-hill gravel road which starts with a more windy section through the trees and then breaks into open farmland with long straights (and a few tricky corners) to then tighten and become windy again towards the end. The views out over the surrounding countryside are spectacular and the event features both cars and bikes - the bikes running after the cars have been through. The event started at midday on Saturday and then continued all day Sunday. 

29 car and 11 bike pilots lined up at the start line to contest the road. Well known drivers included Geof Argyle (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8), Richard Mason (in his new 2009 Subaru Impreza), Sloan Cox (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 10), Tony Dixon (Subaru Impreza), Adam Bligh (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6), Kerry Harvey (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 7), Peter Trotter (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 4) and Andrew Hawkeswood (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 7). We also must mention Keith Stewart's 6 litre Ford V8 inside a Mazda 626!! Dominick Unterberger was driving Richard Mason's older Subaru Impreza. Ian Ffitch and Jason Jepsen were the best known of the bike riders. We were disappointed to note that there were only 6 two wheel drive cars entered. This is a fantastic event and even though a steep hill like this will favour the bigger engined cars we can't but help wonder where all the two wheel drive pilots were. Along with the prior outing at Bartons Line in the Wairarapa, Whariti Road is probably the best training ground you can get to hone the skills and set the car up early in the rally season. The weather was fine and hot on Saturday but got a little windy on Sunday (which resulted in a lot of dust swirling around the track) although it stayed fine. 

The first run on Saturday was almost a casual affair as the drivers tested the road and the conditions. Peter Trotter was the quickest driver on Run 1 with a time of 6.52.1 followed closely by Geof Argyle, Grant Blackberry (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6) and Andrew Spier (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6.5). The two wheel drive cars were led by Chris Woudenberg (Toyota Corolla) followed by Anthony Paroli (Toyota Starlet Supercharged). Runs 2 and 3 saw the drivers up the ante as Grant Blackberry, in a brilliant run, topped the scorecards with a time of 6.21.4, heading off Geof Argyle (6.22.5), Andrew Spier (6.27.3), Tony Dixon (6.28.6) and Richard Mason (6.30.1). In the two wheel drive class it was still Chris Woudenberg (6.59.4) leading the charge from Anthony Paroli (7.01.0) with Paul De Rose (Mitsubishi Mirage) leading the smaller engined two wheel drive cars. Unfortunately Run 3 saw the withdrawal of Andrew Hawkeswood who had to attend a pressing work issue. Other drivers who also looked very good on the road at this stage included Sloan Cox, Peter Trotter, Clinton Anderson (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6.5), Peter Weir (Subaru Impreza) and Andrew Elder (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 2). In the bikes it was the super quick Ian Ffitch who led the field (and also the event overall at this stage) with an earth shattering time of 6.11.5 - some 10 seconds quicker than Grant Blackberry. The second bike was ridden by Jason Jepsen whose time of 6.18.3 was also quicker than the fastest car.

Both the drivers and riders seemed more focused as they really picked up the pace in Sundays Runs 4 and 5. The big engined cars were registering 180kph on the straights although it was the quad bikes who were scoring the big numbers - 220 kph on the first straight!! In the cars it was Geof Argyle who finally asserted himself, after playing second fiddle for most of Saturday, as he powered up the hill in a very quick 6.11.1, some 4 seconds ahead of a brilliant run from Tony Dixon (6.15.5), with Adam Bligh third (6.17.3) and Richard Mason fourth (6.19.4). But there were also problems! Along the way the event lost Peter Trotter, Clinton Anderson (who had to be towed down the hill), Ben Tannock (Mitsubishi VR4) who had been going particularly well but caught the edge of a bank about a third of the way up the hill and damaged a CV, and Anthony Paroli who had to be trucked back down the hill. Paul De Rose also withdrew his Mirage.

And so it was to the final two runs of the day. Geof Argyle finished the day in tremendous style as he broke the venue car record on the penultimate run in a time of 6.10.9 and then lowered the record again on the final run to 6.09.2 to be a deserving winner in the car section of the event. The victory in this event comes on the heals of Geof's win at Barton's Line at the beginning of February which demonstrates that he has lost none of the skills he displayed being the first New Zealander home in Rally NZ in the Nissan Pulsar all those years ago. Second placed driver was Richard Mason who was now coming to grips with his new car in a great time of 6.14.1. Daniel Feck, the well known stalwart of the Dannevirke Car Club - who was not driving this year - had a ride up the hill with Richard and described it thus "the pace and the level of control was far above the standard I have ever witnessed before". Third place went to Sloan Cox who had a quieter time at Whariti Road this year (as compared to last year) but certainly picked up the pace in Run 6 to score a time of 6.14.8. Other drivers who really performed well were the excellent Andrew Spier (6.14.9) .01 of a second behind Cox, Tony Dixon (6.15.5), Grant Blackberry (6.16.6) and Adam Bligh (6.17.3). In the two wheel drive class it was Chris Woudenberg all the way with a best time of 6.53.5 with Anthony Paroli second and an excellent final run from Victor Yuen (Toyota Corolla) to snatch third place. In the classes it was Victor Yuen who won Class A from Adam Fisher (Toyota Starlet) and Brent Miller (Toyota Corolla), Chris Woudenberg won Class B, Anthony Paroli Class C, Andrew Spier Class D and Geof Argyle Class E. 

In the bikes it was Ian Ffitch all the way with a record time of 6.05.4. He not only won the bikes but was also quickest up the hill overall. Second in the bikes was Jason Jepsen, and his time of 6.09.01 was also quicker than Geof Argyle's. Third bike home was Chris Hilleard in a time of 6.14.4. In the classes it was Max Bradley who won Q1, Jason Jepsen who won Q2 (followed by Chris Hilleard and Gavin Dore) and Q3 was won by Ian Ffitch from Darcy Prendergast and Wade Taylor.

Our congratulations to all the competitors - it was a great two days of motorsport. Well done also to the Dannevirke Car Club and everyone involved in organising the event - great effort. Now, if we could only get the TV cameras there and use this event as a replacement for the late, great Ashley Forest then that would be the icing on the cake!!!